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Why traditional car rentals will always exist

Progressives will have you believe that traditional car rentals are a thing of the past. They say Uber and car-sharing will take over, But that will never happen.
Uber is seen by many as unsafe and car-sharing is inconvenient or unavailable for many New Yorkers.
The only thing that is really hurting rental cars companies is the over regulation. There is a huge gap between the unregulated car-sharing and ride-services and the over regulated traditional car rentals and cabs. The government needs to shrink the gap if it wants to see a fair competition for the best service for the customer.

Think about it the next time your car brakes down what are going to do? Rent a car for a bit before you buy a new one, or will you just Uber for rest of your life.

Here are some facts about where car ownership stands today:

cars per household in New York has not gone down from 2015 to 2016 at 0.63 cars per household.

United States has 0.91 vehicles per-capita with 255,009,283 (2) in 2017

How Many Cars Per Capita in the USA

Hydrogen fuel-cell will Drive the Car of the Future

Recent news about hydrogen powered cars such as Toyota Mirai and Hyundai Nexo prove readiness for a gas free future.

What about battery electric?

They will always be just a niche vehicle

There are several obstacles electric car makers promised to overcome but aren’t even close to making any real headway. Firstly its battery Technology. Even though breakthroughs in battery technology has been right around the corner for the past decade its still inadequate to compete with average car on the road. Think about drive range, fill up time and grid capacity. None of these would allow for it to scale nicely. Think about highway rest-stops filled with cars waiting to be charged. Neighbourhood electric grids would have to be dramatically be redone to support everyone driving an EV.
Another major problem is the cost of buying these vehicle and charging them. Even with dream subsidies for EV’s and electricity costs like in California the life of car savings will not equal buying a regular car for half the price. This is based on Net savings of $891/$810 per year. So far Tesla failed to robot mass produce vehicles to bring down the cost and up the production volume as much as he says it would.
The final major problem is that its not necessarily environmentally friendly with regards to how the energy is generated and what the batteries are made out of. The 6% battery degradation of range after 200 thousand miles of driving requires that the battery be replaced after about 5 years. Although Tesla provides a 8-year unlimited miles battery warranty their recycling process is not carbon free.

Hydrogen fuel-cell cars proclaim to have solved all those problems. The production cost of hydrogen has a much more likely chance of being extremely cheap because its the most common element in the universe. The range and fill up times are similar to internal combustion powered cars. The only tail pipe emission of a hydrogen car is water.

So why are they still so far behind EV’s in pricing and sales? For one, there’s no Elon Musk there to speed it along. Hydrogen requires a whole different creation and storage process. Although it is difficult and inefficient to try converting a regular to run on hydrogen fuel, redesigning a car around a fuel-cell is easy.

Why Road Infrastructure in America is always Crumbling

Economics of Roads

Nearly all road building and maintenance comes from general indiscriminate taxes. Gasoline taxes and tolls pay for only a third of state and local road spending. As a result various industries take advantage of it and use in a very inefficient way. For example the land based freight industry in America is bigger than rail however it is nearly 10 times less efficient. So why is it like this? The answer is; free roads. An 18 wheeler truck causes enormous wear and tear on the road compared to a passenger car but they pay basically the same amount for use of the road.

Buses and trucks use up a higher share of road wear and tear and space per gallon of gasoline/diesel then private passenger cars.
A higher gas tax is not the answer. In Canada for instance only 40 percent of the heavy gas tax even goes to road infrastructure spending. Also many cars and trucks in the future won’t even use gasoline. Tesla’s Semi runs on electricity and won’t even require a driver which might make trucking as efficient as rail. However the Semi will only be able to compete against rail because it doesn’t have to pay for the roads.
Higher tolls wont work because its impossible to put tolls on inner city roads and small highways. If you made the drivers on the toll road pay closer to there actual usage they would end up driving on the non toll roads.
Another strain on the road infrastructure is that it isn’t efficient for larger populations. American cities are growing by leaps and bounds and are very overcrowded for American standards. The American road system cannot possibly provide infrastructure for the growing number of vehicles. Basically its relatively cheap and easy to maintain a huge road system such as America as long as theres only light to medium usage.
The only solution is a tax system where only those who use the roads pay according to how much there use costs. Perhaps one day a digital system could measure the weight and space of each car and tax that directly. Until then we can expect road system to always be basket case for governments to neglect.

AAMCAR car rental is cheaper than Uber

Anyone who’s been to New York knows that every corner of the city has something new and exciting. Many people who visit New York believe that driving is not an option, and that New Yorkers only public transit or taxi. This may have been true in the past, but this is simply no longer. For a cheaper alternative to Uber and a more convenient and personal alternative to the subway, use AAMCAR, a car rental company.

AAMCAR has two locations in New York City:

96th Street 315 West 96th St New York, NY 10025-6108 212-222-8500
– and –
181st Street 506 West 181st St. New York, NY 10033-5101 212-927-7000

AAMCAR has 30 years of experience providing affordable and flexible car rentals across the New York area. They boast one of the most trustworthy reputations in vehicle renting.

No matter what you needs, from a van to sedan, an SUV to a moving fan, AAMCAR has you covered.

So what makes AAMCAR different from the rest?

It is affordable, without any hidden costs. Most car companies look affordable on the surface. That is until they slap you with hidden costs non included in the original quote. But with AAMCAR, what you see is what you pay.


With car sharing services such as Uber and Lyft sweeping the nation, it is easy to see how and why Americans are conflicted on how to get around. However, with AAMCAR, there is no question. Have the convenience of your own car to chauffeur you and your companions around on your own time to your own destination. Or use AAMCAR to move!

AAMCAR is proud to offer both moving and cargo vans so that you can get your prized possessions safely from point A to point B. AAMCAR is unique from other car rental companies in that it is one of the cheapest car rental centers available while still being of the highest quality.

There are a large range of vehicles offered by AAMCAR, depending on your needs and specifications. AAMCAR’s vehicle rentals include economy, compact, full size, mid-sized, minivans, cargo vans, SUVs, and moving vans. If one is more specifically interested in the car’s make, AAMCAR offers the Nissan Cube, Ford Mustang, Ford Explorer, and so many more. If you are travelling with a large party, AAMCAR is proud to offer a 15 Passenger Van so that everyone can participate and no one gets left behind. This 15 Passenger Van Rental is one of AAMCAR’s most popular options and is most often used for large parties, large families, and everything in between. AAMCAR also offers luxury cars to make your getaway even more special.

AAMCAR is proud to offer certain services to enhance the rental experience. Conveniently located on the upper west side, AAMCAR offers late drop off hours, late model sedans, accepts debit cards, most foreign licenses, and also speaks Spanish. Nobody wants to be stranded without any means to get around, pay high Uber prices, or be stuck on the ever unreliable public transit system. There is only one answer: AAMCAR Car Rentals.




It is much easier to rent a car in Manhattan than it is to rent a Cargo Van
Not all car rental companies offer vans that are sometimes necessary to tranport bigger things like furniture, change apartments, etc.

Cargo Vans take up more space,their dimensions are different and they do not pass through all garage openings. Aamcar Car Rental offers both Cargo Vans and 15 Passenger Vans at both locations. (More about our Passenger Vans another time).

The good news is that you can drive a Cargo Van with your regular license but you will have to observe a few laws. You won’t be able to drive on Parkways or on any thoroughfare that specifically forbids Commercial Traffic. That should not deter you from renting one from Aamcar Car Rentals. We will get you on your way and explain your easy alternate routes.

Another thing to keep in mind is the rule forbidding the parking of a Cargo Van overnight on the streets of the city. For that reason we are open for returns till 11.30 pm at our 96th street location, and open 24 hours for returns at our 181st street location. It is important to call Aamcar and make a reservation, should you need a cargo van. The beginning and end of the month are often sold out in advance because many people are moving those days.Then there are times where our commercial customers have extensive need  for Cargo Vans (Christmas, for instance).

Long weekend trips

The last of the winter months seem to draw out like no other.  After the holidays are over, the city seems bleak with snow and ice everywhere.  However; a short road trip to some of the most amazing ski resorts on the Eastern Seaboard can be nourishing to the soul.  Ski season is almost over but there are many beautiful slopes all over the east coast to take advantage of. Last weekend to celebrate the long weekend, a bunch of friends decided to go to Vermont.  We decided to go to Stowe ski resort.  I was tasked with finding an SUV that would fit all five of us and keep us within the budget.  My first stop was AAMCAR, the company I use right next to my house on the Upper West side.  I checked their web-site and found exactly what we needed but the price was a little higher.


Some of the rental locations in LGA airport were offering the same type of vehicle for $50 cheaper.  I called AAMCAR and spoke with the agent who said that normally they would match the rate but they were almost sold out of the vehicles so the best he could do was meet me half-way.

Now, I must digress here.  Anyone who lives in Manhattan knows the travails of going to any of the area airports.  It is expensive, time consuming and generally not worth it unless you are actually going to the airport to leave NY. So it was a no brainer for me.  I made the deal and we had a wonderful time in Vermont.  The resort was amazing, the route was scenic and safe because of the all wheel drive vehicle.

I was especially happy when we got back that night and I was able to drop off the vehicle and be in bed all by midnight.  Definitely worth the trip and it was a very smart decision to do some comparison shopping before deciding on AAMCAR!

How to rent 15 passenger van?

Planning a team office activity or have a great big family? Your great journey begins with renting a rent 15 passenger vans!
Easy handling and spacious, a passenger van is comfortable enough even for g trips or simply for shuttling passengers between destinations.

Make sure you have the seats and luggage space you need when planning your event.


Tome Harley

Rented a 15 passenger van at AAMCAR and had no complaints. I’ve used several van-rental companies in NYC in the past, and nothing compares to AAMCAR!
Great price, and the van was in good shape.

Sarah Levin

AAMCAR is Easy to work with. Great vans. Gets the job done. Henry in the fron desk is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend using AAMCAR for all your van rental needs.

AAMCAR features Ford Clubwagon:

Number Of Passengers Luggage Capacity Doors Transmission Stereo Air Conditioning
15 3 4 Automatic FM Dual A / C

Spring has arrived. Time for weekend travel

It’s finally here! After a blustery winter season in the tri-state area, spring has arrived! And this sSpring-has-arrivedeason is the best time for weekend travel, whether it’s to the Hamptons, to rural Connecticut, to upstate New York, or anywhere else you feel like getting away to for your idyllic weekend in the countryside. But before you hop into your friend’s beaten up old car for the long car ride into the country, consider renting a sleek and exciting sports car or sedan for your weekend getaway in the New York area.

Yes, it’s true, of course; any car will get you from Manhattan to the Hamptons, but if you’re looking for a memorable vacation, do it right, and don’t cut corners on your driving experience! Driving through Manhattan and out into the New York countryside is the perfect time to grab a sporty or luxurious car and enjoy your time on the road, even if it’s only for a couple days.

Offering both competitive rental rates and very courteous service for more than 30 years, AAMCAR can provide you with the vehicle you want for that long weekend road trip. Whether it’s a Ford Mustang convertible, with which you can leave the top town and feel the wind zipping by as you leave the city, or whether it’s a higher performance car, which will give you the speed and agility you’d love to have on the country roads, AAMCAR is there to help you make your long weekend trip as exciting and memorable as possible. So if the springtime season is beckoning you to hit the open road, do it in style and visit one of AAMCAR’s locations, and start your vacation season now!

Impress your date with stylish wheels

Impress your date with stylish wheelsThere are many ways to impress a woman – and one of them is to turn up at her apartment door to take her out on a date with some of the smartest wheels she’s ever seen. Failing that, a pretty stunning looking car rental in NYC will do.

Here at Aamcar in the Big Apple we’re pleased to say we certainly have NY car rentals that will do the job as far as guaranteeing a smile on your date’s face. These range from a smart and compact Mitsubishi Mirage to a two door Ford Mustang and a five seat Jeep Cherokee SUV.

One to one intimate driving

The more comfortable and smart-looking the car rental, the more your new date is going to want to be happily cruising around downtown in that palace on wheels of yours. After all – she might spot some friends that she wants to show off too, and then again, so might you. No-one needs know, after all, that it’s a NY car rental and not your own (including your date – at least not until you get to know one another a bit more).

What’s more, your date may love driving around so much that she doesn’t want to go to that fancy restaurant you had planned on taking her to (which means you have already offset the cost of hiring the car rental in the first place!).

A party on wheels

But then again, maybe there’s more than one woman you want to impress? For instance perhaps you and your buddies are planning on more of a party with a handful of dates? If so then the 15 passenger NY passenger van rental would definitely be more your scene. It would certainly be comfortable enough to take you all to your final destination without anyone getting annoyed because someone is squashing their big toe or sitting on their new skirt and crushing it (we’ve personally been there, you see!).

The larger rental vans come in a wide variety of smart colours and are perfect for a crowd – thanks to the fact they’re so spacious inside. They also tend to have a pretty funky music system so excellent for entertainment value too.

Another great thing about going with a group is that although you are the designated driver, it doesn’t mean that you will be footing the bill. In other words, hiring a 15 seat passenger van with a handful of you chipping in for the cost will work out so much less expensive for everyone in the long run, giving you more cash left to spend on eats and drink.

 Under age car rental

Hiring a NY car rental with us here at Aamcar is fine – providing you have a licence and are old enough to drive. We’d also like some proof of responsibility ie that you have driven regularly before and that you are prepared to pay additional insurance cover.

If you’d like more information about these extra charges then do feel free to give us a call and ask at any time. We’ll happily explain them. Meanwhile, why not take a look through our New York car rental firm Aamcar website to see if there is any vehicle in particular that takes your fancy?

You’ve locked your keys in your NY car rental vehicle!

You have locked your keys in your NY car rental vehicleLet’s face it, locking the car keys actually inside the car is something we’ve all done (or at least most of us have) at some stage in our lives. How much worse though if the car happens to be an NYC car rental vehicle and therefore one for which we don’t automatically have a spare key in our handbag or back in a drawer at home?

And isn’t it always the way that you’re in a nightmare location – and a ridiculous hour of the night – when this scenario occurs? It is in our experience anyway.

Meanwhile, what should you do when you lock the keys inside the car? There are several options of course. You could call try and open the car window with a coat hanger, try and unpick the car lock or call out an emergency road assistance team/the local garage. All of these are awkward and are going to take time. So what’s the best thing to do? Well read on…

Call the police

Chances are you’re in the middle of nowhere in a rural location or a tough part of town. It could be dangerous just standing around – especially if you are a female on your own (emergency break down companies always prioritize lone women). Call the nearest police station and tell them you’re worried and vulnerable. Chances are someone from there will be along to pick you up – and they may well have the know-how how to get into the NYC car rental and get the keys for you too.

Call the emergency road side team

You should be a member of an emergency road side team such as Allstate or AAA – especially if you already own a car of your own. The good news is that they will definitely come out to get you. They’ll also have the equipment to unlock your car and get the keys for you. The bad news is you may have to wait for them. If so, and you’re in a worrying location then it’s still fine to call the police and have them wait with you.

Give us a call here at Aamcar

We may very well have a spare key for the car or NY van rental you have rented and could come out and drop it off – provided you’re not hundreds of miles away from our location. Alternatively, if you are a great distance away then we can call emergency assistance on your behalf to make sure you’ll get home safe. Where we can, we’ll also make sure that you have alternative transport to allow you to finish your journey.

What to avoid

It may be tempting but it’s not a good idea to break into the rental vehicle by smashing a window or jimmying open the door. The reason for this is that it is going to turn out very costly in the long-run when it comes to replacing these items – especially if, as well as breaking the window, your intervention also results in the upholstery being ripped.

We hope the above has been helpful but obviously are keeping our fingers crossed that it doesn’t happen to you! At least if it does, now you know what to do. You can find out more tips and advice about car rental hire by taking a look through the rest of the posts on this blog or by going to our website at

There you’ll also be able to take a look through the type of vehicles we have for hire and find out – via an online calculator – exactly how much it will cost you before you even call us. Having said that, feel free to contact us any time.