I rented a car two days ago in New York City.  I was surprised when the agent offered me an EZ pass option.  Being from the mid-west, I was not familiar with the toll system in the east coast.  Apparently, one has to pay tolls on some bridges and highways for the “privilege” of using them.  I declined the use, thinking I would just pay cash.  Traveling to New Jersey for business, I had to pay cash on the turnpike.  The line for cash was about the same for EZ pass so I was happy with my decision of declining the option.  That is of course until I got to the George Washington Bridge to enter back into New York.  Wow, is all that I can say.  The cash lines were three times as long as the EZ pass lines.  After a long day of meetings, I was kicking myself for not spending the $30 to buy the EZ pass.  I have to come to New York at least 3 times a year for business and it was a simple process of using the EZ pass right away and signing up within 2 days on their website.  Trust me, if you are planning on traveling out of New York and coming BACK, take this option.  Currently, only AAMCAR car rental in NYC provides this benefit.  Getting receipts is easy as well.  They send an e-mail showing your monthly use directly to your inbox.

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