Being a single mom in NYC

I have a full time job.  Although, I wish it was only one job..being a mother to my lovely kids, I refer also to the one that pays my bills.  Living in New York city, raising two young children and being a single mom is no easy feat.  I have to rely on help anywhere I can get it.  That includes help with housework, meals to numerous other things to make our lives run smoother and allow us to spend quality time with each other.

During the brutal, winter months of NYC, it is a hassle to shuttle my kids around from their choir practice to their tennis lessons.  Recently, I started looking at the option of purchasing a car.  I quickly gave up on the idea after figuring out the cost of buying and parking a car in the city!!  Take $350 for the monthly car payment, $300 for parking(negotiated rate, the usual is $400 monthly) $175 for insurance, I refused to spend almost $1000 for a toyota corolla!!!

The next option was renting a car.  When I checked out some car rental web-sites such as AAMCAR, the rates seemed really high but I have a friend who worked in the car rental industry and she suggested I call the company directly and speak with a manager to negotiate.  Well, I turned out to be the queen of negotiations!! I just rented a 2010 Toyota Corolla for a TOTAL monthly expenditure of $779.19.  Yes, that’s correct.  My credit cards pay for the insurance so I don’t have to worry about being responsible for damages to the car and I don’t have to worry about having to maintain the vehicle.  They will service the vehicle montly and even give me a loaner car!  I love this deal.  So if you are considering purchasing a car to brave the fierce winter months of NYC but don’t really want a car in the summer/fall months, consider renting instead.  This is the off season for all car rental companies in the NYC area and they will fall over backwords trying to give you a deal!!

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