It is much easier to rent a car in Manhattan than it is to rent a Cargo Van
Not all car rental companies offer vans that are sometimes necessary to tranport bigger things like furniture, change apartments, etc.

Cargo Vans take up more space,their dimensions are different and they do not pass through all garage openings. Aamcar Car Rental offers both Cargo Vans and 15 Passenger Vans at both locations. (More about our Passenger Vans another time).

The good news is that you can drive a Cargo Van with your regular license but you will have to observe a few laws. You won’t be able to drive on Parkways or on any thoroughfare that specifically forbids Commercial Traffic. That should not deter you from renting one from Aamcar Car Rentals. We will get you on your way and explain your easy alternate routes.

Another thing to keep in mind is the rule forbidding the parking of a Cargo Van overnight on the streets of the city. For that reason we are open for returns till 11.30 pm at our 96th street location, and open 24 hours for returns at our 181st street location. It is important to call Aamcar and make a reservation, should you need a cargo van. The beginning and end of the month are often sold out in advance because many people are moving those days.Then there are times where our commercial customers have extensive need  for Cargo Vans (Christmas, for instance).

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