GPS- What a lifesaver!

Living in NYC my entire life, I have never needed to buy a car.  I have always managed to get around by using public transportation and the occasional yellow cab.  Recently, my Aunt became ill and I needed to travel to Monticello in upstate New York.  I tried several car agencies in Manhattan, but none of them compared to AAMCAR Car Rental.  The rates were extremely reasonable and the service was impeccable.  Most importantly, they carry Garmin GPS  Navigation devices.  If you have never used a GPS to get around, you simply must start.  It essentially saved my trip.  I’m the type of person that gets lost finding the bathroom.  The GPS was so precise and easy to use that I couldn’t believe it.  Not to mention that AAMCAR only charges $6.00 per day.  These GPS devices go for well over $250 dollars at stores like Best Buy and Circuit City.  Just when I thought my whole trip would be one long, expensive headache, I was proven wrong.  There is no need for Tylenol tonight!

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