Great experience renting from an independent car rental

The summer is coming to a close soon and with it car rental prices at some, market sensitive, companiesgo down considerably. If you are one of those people who are not bound by the school schedules to take you vacation or run your errands, wait till after labor day and save a lot.In New York City you will find independent companies such as AAMCAR on the Upper West Side (West 96th street) and Action in the Village who are run by their owners and are nimble and quick to “go with the flow”.Recently,  the New York City politicians raised the sales tax on car rentals to 19.875 %.This makes it even more important to find lower basic rates. The higher the rate, the more you pay in taxes and that makes your total rental that much more expensive.So if at one of the national chains the rate is $120 a day whereas at the locals (Aamcar and Action for instance) only $64.95, the difference in the total becomes even more acute when sales tax is added. (Sales tax on $120 is $23.85 and on $64.95 only $12.91 a difference of nearly $12.00 that is reflected in the total.).My recommendation: Wherever you are search for the local company. They rent the same car as the national companies do and are much more flexible. Many times the people working at the smaller co’s will give you very personal service.There are some limitations that the independent co’s have. So ask about their operating range (they usually don’t allow you to drive past a certain radius from their office) their additional driver’s policy, their free mileage program or limitations, most do accept DEBIT cards etc.All in all you will have a great experience renting from an independent and will save a lot of money as well.

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