My mother was flying into NYC for a visit.  I had already taken her to the major tourist attractions last time she was in the city.  There was one major thing left to do on her list, especially with the holiday season approaching.  She had been bugging me for a while to take her out to Woodbury Commons and I finally caved.  It is enough of a hassle taking commuting on a bus; I did not want to take one to the outlets too.  So I jumped on google and searched for a discount car rental(more money for shopping) and found this place in the Upper West Side. Their prices were the cheapest that I found in the neighborhood, so I made a reservation online.
I called a day ahead of time, just to make sure everything was ready to go. When I found their office I realized that I had probably walked by it hundreds of times and never noticed it!  It is a really small office, but the staff was quick.  I was on the highway within probably five minutes.  I dropped off the car that night with the attendant and the cats.  I couldn’t get a receipt from him, but when I called the next morning everything was already taken care of and I got a total.  I don’t have a need to rent a car often, but I would go back.

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