Spring has arrived. Time for weekend travel

It’s finally here! After a blustery winter season in the tri-state area, spring has arrived! And this sSpring-has-arrivedeason is the best time for weekend travel, whether it’s to the Hamptons, to rural Connecticut, to upstate New York, or anywhere else you feel like getting away to for your idyllic weekend in the countryside. But before you hop into your friend’s beaten up old car for the long car ride into the country, consider renting a sleek and exciting sports car or sedan for your weekend getaway in the New York area.

Yes, it’s true, of course; any car will get you from Manhattan to the Hamptons, but if you’re looking for a memorable vacation, do it right, and don’t cut corners on your driving experience! Driving through Manhattan and out into the New York countryside is the perfect time to grab a sporty or luxurious car and enjoy your time on the road, even if it’s only for a couple days.

Offering both competitive rental rates and very courteous service for more than 30 years, AAMCAR can provide you with the vehicle you want for that long weekend road trip. Whether it’s a Ford Mustang convertible, with which you can leave the top town and feel the wind zipping by as you leave the city, or whether it’s a higher performance car, which will give you the speed and agility you’d love to have on the country roads, AAMCAR is there to help you make your long weekend trip as exciting and memorable as possible. So if the springtime season is beckoning you to hit the open road, do it in style and visit one of AAMCAR’s locations, and start your vacation season now!

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