Support small business, rent from the locals!

Are you sick of waiting in long car rental lines?  Are you tired of being told that your car is not ready?  Are you aggravated when you request a 7 passenger Ford Explorer and receive a 5 passenger Sentra.  Are you livid when Hertz tells you that they are sold out on the day of your reservation?  Take a deep breath and stop renting from national car rental companies!

Yes, major companies are nationally recognizable; however they lack the customer care and flexibility that you are looking for.  Independent car rental companies in NY focus on you, the customer.  They are not concerned with corporate politics.  They are authorized to make changes to your reservation, give you upgrades, etc without needing permission.  Management is always on site and can resolve any queries immediately instead of your having to get called back.

 Independent companies have the freedom to provide you with customer service that is unmatchable.   When you dial their phone number, a human being actually picks up the phone.  When you have questions or concerns with pickup or drop-off times, they can provide you with options at no additional cost.  When you are running late, they won’t just give away your car. Their business thrives on improving your plans, making sure that you are happy so you may recommend their company to others.

Ben Franklin once wrote that “a penny saved is a penny earned.” Wouldn’t it be nice to actually save money on your vacation such as a short, weekend trip to the Catskills?    So why are you paying more money at a national company for the same vehicle that an independent company carries?  Independent companies do not have their rates set in stone.  They are willing to negotiate deals that benefit both parties involved.  They can design packages that fulfill your every need.  Anyone can go out and buy a pie of pizza from Dominos, but wouldn’t you prefer to be served at Mom’s dinner table and have a more fulfilling cost effective experience?  If you’re looking to rent a car in NYC, choose independent and they may actually give you some dessert too!

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