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AAMCAR new car rental new york blog and recommendations will assist you when making car rental purchase decisions. Drivers of rental cars have to show drivers licenses and qualify for car insurance. Every state in the US has their own laws, statutes or criteria for driving licenses and car insurance. There are several different car rentals sizes and classes available:
Compact or Economy, Mid size, Ful size sedan, Sports cars, Minivans, 15 Passenger vans and 4 wheel drive vehicles.

Since gasoline prices are more expensive than ever, it is very important to rent a car that can safely fulfill your travel requirements.

AAMCAR car rental rents vehicles in increments of 4 hours, full day, week end specials, 3 and 4 day specials, month, six months, year, two and three year rentals.

There are 2 locations that rent vehicles: 315 West 96th St,NY, New York. and 506 West 181st St, NY, New York.

The majority of car rental locations are at airports. Some car rental companies offer reward programs offering discounts or bonus programs based on repeat car rental use. Ask your rental agent for details. Some credit cards offer rental car insurance discounts or coverage. It is important to verify your coverage before your rental.

Some hotel chains, airlines and web portals offer volume discounts for car rentals and they can be obtained on-site, through newspaper or broadcast or internet feeds. Many organizations offer membership rewards offering discounts for car rentals. They can be for company employees, volunteer organizations special interest groups, trade or industry associations, retirement or church clubs. AAMCAR offers discounts to members of AAA and/or AARP.

When shopping for car rentals always compare the prices on-site with print, broadcast and internet prices. Prices can differ online, in print or over the phone. Comparing prices will help you choose the best rate for your car rental.
My 2007, 10 day driving holiday from Manhatan to Lake Placid, Boston, Cape Cod, Nantucket, Martha Vineyard, Rhode Island, Thousand Islands, Kingston and back to Manhatan was with a car rental. I combined a special in-store walk-in 3 day weekend price with a special 7 day internet offer and saved about 45% off of the regular daily car rental rate.

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