Why traditional car rentals will always exist

Progressives will have you believe that traditional car rentals are a thing of the past. They say Uber and car-sharing will take over, But that will never happen.
Uber is seen by many as unsafe and car-sharing is inconvenient or unavailable for many New Yorkers.
The only thing that is really hurting rental cars companies is the over regulation. There is a huge gap between the unregulated car-sharing and ride-services and the over regulated traditional car rentals and cabs. The government needs to shrink the gap if it wants to see a fair competition for the best service for the customer.

Think about it the next time your car brakes down what are going to do? Rent a car for a bit before you buy a new one, or will you just Uber for rest of your life.

Here are some facts about where car ownership stands today:

cars per household in New York has not gone down from 2015 to 2016 at 0.63 cars per household.


United States has 0.91 vehicles per-capita with 255,009,283 (2) in 2017

How Many Cars Per Capita in the USA

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