Minivan Rental for Family Vacation to Florida

My husband and I were planning on traveling to Miami last year during the Christmas holidays. We have 4 kids, so you can imagine the airfare alone cost somewhere around $2500! So we decided to rent a minivan for the trip. When I searched the web-sites of the local car rental companies, the price for a 1 week rental was about $800 and included 800 miles. The average price I was getting was around $800 – $1000. I knew that we would be traveling almost 3000 miles, so paying for mileage wouldn’t work. I called one of the local rental agencies and spoke with a rental agent. I was initially told that their company doesn’t rent vehicles traveling out of the tri-state area. Just as I was about to disconnect, he asked to place me on hold and came back on the line with a package rate of $1500 that included 3000 miles. I learned a quick lesson that day, that in these harsh economic times, just about everything is negotiable. Had I just booked on the site and paid for mileage it would have been a lot more expensive. By the way, the trip was wonderful, the rental staff was knowledgeable and even threw in a GPS for about $40 for the entire trip.

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