One doesn’t have to drive far to find Fall Colors

One doesn’t have to drive far from the City to experience the incredible fall colors of this season. Just less than an hour’s drive up the Taconic Parkway, go to the Pepsi Cola headquarters in Purchase NY and experience a wonderful sculpture park in the most exquisite setting.Before you even get to the parking lot you have passed a Henry Moore and the first sculpture you reach, when entering the park is Picasso’s rendering of Eve.There are many sculptures gracing the wonderful grounds of all genres and size.

The grounds are beautiful and the many trees are in full autumn regalia with a lake and a 30 foot high fountain in it’s middle.

Entrance is free, parking is abundant. Go with your own car or rent one from Aamcar.

15 Passenger Van Rental Experience

When flying becomes too expensive, don’t just cancel your trip!  There are other ways to make your trip a real possibility and at a fraction of the cost.

When my buddies in New York wanted to have a reunion at our Alma Mater, Notre Dame, we spent weeks searching for flights on web sites like Kayak, Expedia and Orbitz.  The lowest rate we could find from NY was $279 dollars per person, including taxes and fees.  For one person, this was a bit of an expense.  For 15 people, we were looking at a total cost of $4199.25.  Although we love Notre Dame, this was too much money to spend on a flight for a weekend getaway.  We needed another alternative to make this trip cost effective and not have our significant others question why they are still with us.

I decided to search other travel alternatives and came across a rental that saved our trip.   It was a 15 Passenger van rental and I didn’t need a special license or permit to drive it.  It had passenger plates and could sit all of us comfortably.  We also had the luxury and convenience of all sitting together in the privacy of one vehicle without having to deal with screaming babies and unruly strangers.  The rental for the weekend was an astonishing $879.95.  This was so much less than flying!  We all couldn’t believe it. 

To be very honest, we had a wonderful time in South Bend, but we also had a really great time traveling there.  The ride allowed us to reconnect and share old stories in a group that we would not have been able to do on a flight.  If you’re looking to save money and have a real bonding experience with your family and friends, look into renting a 15 passenger van Our trip was absolutely perfect.15-p.jpg

AAMCAR Website Now Offers Live Chat

In order to provide its clients with an easier way to connect with AAMCAR, the company integrated the live chat feature onto its website.

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New York, NY (PRWEB) April 23, 2012

AAMCAR Car Rental, the premier discount car and van rental in the tri-state area, now offers a live chat feature on its website. Designed with international clients in mind, the new live chat feature helps renters avoid expensive international phone calls in order to ask questions or make reservations. It also provides clients with yet another way to connect with the company, which is known for its excellent customer service skills.

When asked about the new live chat feature, Henry Kim, Assistant Manager at AAMCAR, says, “We added live chat so customers can get immediate answers when browsing our website. In the short period of time that live chat has been integrated, we have communicated with many people, especially clients in Europe who are visiting New York and need assistance with booking the specific type of vehicle they want.”

In addition to the new live chat feature, AAMCAR will deliver rentals to hotels located anywhere in Manhattan, and they will deliver to area airports for a minimal charge.

AAMCAR is a car rental company based out of New York City with two locations: the Upper West Side of Manhattan and Washington Heights. They carry a full inventory of cars including 15 Passenger vans, Sport cars, 7-seat Minivans and Full size SUVs.

For more information about AAMCAR visit, like their Facebook or follow @aamcar on Twitter.


For over 25 years, AAMCAR has identified with the needs of the average New Yorker. AAMCAR’s owner realized that buying new cars is a better business model because newer vehicles are more attractive to a potential renter and is a better investment. AAMCAR gradually added Minivans and SUVs to its fleet, including five passenger sports utility vehicles and sports cars like the Ford Mustang to meet the demands of renters who come from Europe and all over the world to visit NYC. AAMCAR’s staff provides excellent customer service and AAMCAR does not overbook its vehicles. AAMCAR also provides prices that are lower than the other NYC rental companies.

Being a single mom in NYC

I have a full time job.  Although, I wish it was only one job..being a mother to my lovely kids, I refer also to the one that pays my bills.  Living in New York city, raising two young children and being a single mom is no easy feat.  I have to rely on help anywhere I can get it.  That includes help with housework, meals to numerous other things to make our lives run smoother and allow us to spend quality time with each other.

During the brutal, winter months of NYC, it is a hassle to shuttle my kids around from their choir practice to their tennis lessons.  Recently, I started looking at the option of purchasing a car.  I quickly gave up on the idea after figuring out the cost of buying and parking a car in the city!!  Take $350 for the monthly car payment, $300 for parking(negotiated rate, the usual is $400 monthly) $175 for insurance, I refused to spend almost $1000 for a toyota corolla!!!

The next option was renting a car.  When I checked out some car rental web-sites such as AAMCAR, the rates seemed really high but I have a friend who worked in the car rental industry and she suggested I call the company directly and speak with a manager to negotiate.  Well, I turned out to be the queen of negotiations!! I just rented a 2010 Toyota Corolla for a TOTAL monthly expenditure of $779.19.  Yes, that’s correct.  My credit cards pay for the insurance so I don’t have to worry about being responsible for damages to the car and I don’t have to worry about having to maintain the vehicle.  They will service the vehicle montly and even give me a loaner car!  I love this deal.  So if you are considering purchasing a car to brave the fierce winter months of NYC but don’t really want a car in the summer/fall months, consider renting instead.  This is the off season for all car rental companies in the NYC area and they will fall over backwords trying to give you a deal!!

Support small business, rent from the locals!

Are you sick of waiting in long car rental lines?  Are you tired of being told that your car is not ready?  Are you aggravated when you request a 7 passenger Ford Explorer and receive a 5 passenger Sentra.  Are you livid when Hertz tells you that they are sold out on the day of your reservation?  Take a deep breath and stop renting from national car rental companies!

Yes, major companies are nationally recognizable; however they lack the customer care and flexibility that you are looking for.  Independent car rental companies in NY focus on you, the customer.  They are not concerned with corporate politics.  They are authorized to make changes to your reservation, give you upgrades, etc without needing permission.  Management is always on site and can resolve any queries immediately instead of your having to get called back.

 Independent companies have the freedom to provide you with customer service that is unmatchable.   When you dial their phone number, a human being actually picks up the phone.  When you have questions or concerns with pickup or drop-off times, they can provide you with options at no additional cost.  When you are running late, they won’t just give away your car. Their business thrives on improving your plans, making sure that you are happy so you may recommend their company to others.

Ben Franklin once wrote that “a penny saved is a penny earned.” Wouldn’t it be nice to actually save money on your vacation such as a short, weekend trip to the Catskills?    So why are you paying more money at a national company for the same vehicle that an independent company carries?  Independent companies do not have their rates set in stone.  They are willing to negotiate deals that benefit both parties involved.  They can design packages that fulfill your every need.  Anyone can go out and buy a pie of pizza from Dominos, but wouldn’t you prefer to be served at Mom’s dinner table and have a more fulfilling cost effective experience?  If you’re looking to rent a car in NYC, choose independent and they may actually give you some dessert too!

Aamcar has 2 locations in Manhattan

Aamcar is celebrating 30 years since it opened its flagship location at 315 West 96 street on the upper west side of Manhattan. This location has become very popular and beloved by the Upper West Side crowd.  Our location at 506 West 181st street (between Amsterdam and Audobon Avenues) is lesser known by the renting public and it’s time for us to spread the word. Since we initiated that branch (more than 15 years ago) the neighborhood has changed radically. There has been an influx of folk from all walks of life who have found a new and (relatively) affordable home in Washington Heights. New stores are opening up and new languages are  heard in the many shops and restaurants. Owning a car in Manhattan is still very costly, and moving ones car to the tune of the alternate side of the street schedule twice a week, is still fraught with the risk of a $45 ticket (street cleaning) or $115 ticket (no standing, fire hydrant, double parking, etc.). Renting a car from Aamcar at 506 W 181st street (or as the locals have dubbed it “Uptown Car Rental”) makes perfect sense. It is yours for the days you need it and then you give it back to us to wash, clean, service and park! So now you have a choice.

Come to our 315 west 96th street branch (reserve at 212-222-8500 or 1-800-722-6923) or visit us at 506 West 181st Street (212-927-7000 or 1-888-500-8480). Of course you can make a reservation on the internet at  for both locations. You can even pick up at one location and return to the other, most of the time. Call us. We have been here for 30 years and if you haven’t yet tried our service, you will be pleasantly surprised by our cars, our service and our prices.

Can I rent a car without a credit card?

What You Need to Know When Renting a Car Without a Credit Card.

The problem: Renting a car to someone without a credit card is risky for rental car companies. Not having a credit card is a red flag that you may be a credit risk  and if you extend the rental or damage the car, the car rental company might not be able to collect what is owed to them. Remember: Most CREDIT card companies insure the car (believe it or not..) and if you return the car with  damage and you rented with a CREDIT card, Amex, Visa, M/C etc will send the car rental company a check to cover repairs for all damage and “loss of use”. 

Of course, your credit may be excellent and you may just prefer not to use a credit card. Very few car rental companies understand that with a little scrutiny, it’s not a greater risk, so some are offering you the option of renting with a debit card, while requiring that you have a substantial sum available in the event you keep the car longer or it is damaged during the rental period. Here are some important things to keep in mind if you do plan on renting this way:

  • Logo requirements. While many rental car companies accept debit cards, many also require that the cards have a Visa or MasterCard logo.
  • Expect a credit check. Some companies, not all, will perform a debit card check and credit inquiry to ensure that you have the proper funds. (Keep in mind, credit inquiries show up on your credit report,  too many inquiries can actually lower your credit score.)
  • Prepare to pay a deposit. Often times, rental car companies place a hold on the account linked to your card. It’s basically a deposit that they’ll hold until you return the vehicle. These deposits can be $600, $700  or more.
  • Be prepared to provide additional documents such as bank statements, utility bills, etc. if you are using a pre-paid card.

        In summation: Do not be deterred if you need to rent without a credit card. In NYC,  AAMCAR rents to customers who have debit cards.  They are very flexible and will work with you.  


I rented a car two days ago in New York City.  I was surprised when the agent offered me an EZ pass option.  Being from the mid-west, I was not familiar with the toll system in the east coast.  Apparently, one has to pay tolls on some bridges and highways for the “privilege” of using them.  I declined the use, thinking I would just pay cash.  Traveling to New Jersey for business, I had to pay cash on the turnpike.  The line for cash was about the same for EZ pass so I was happy with my decision of declining the option.  That is of course until I got to the George Washington Bridge to enter back into New York.  Wow, is all that I can say.  The cash lines were three times as long as the EZ pass lines.  After a long day of meetings, I was kicking myself for not spending the $30 to buy the EZ pass.  I have to come to New York at least 3 times a year for business and it was a simple process of using the EZ pass right away and signing up within 2 days on their website.  Trust me, if you are planning on traveling out of New York and coming BACK, take this option.  Currently, only AAMCAR car rental in NYC provides this benefit.  Getting receipts is easy as well.  They send an e-mail showing your monthly use directly to your inbox.

Using the Website Saves Time!

Aamcar Car Rentals

Whether you are renting for a day or by the month, you will find the website at Aamcar Car Rentals very convenient. It is a good idea to check the specials if you want additional savings or an upgrade special. Print a coupon and bring it in with you.

Aamcar knows and understands the value of a person’s time, especially in NYC. Phones calls are always answered on the First or Second ring. Customers are always talking to a live agent and Never a machine.

At the office, customers are always greeted with a warm welcome and in their rental car within MINUTES. Aamcar has Certified Mechanics on site to maintain all vehicles on a daily basis ensuring a safe, undisrupted trip to your destination.

Rent a car in New York today or book a Pickup and Dropoff Date on the website. Add the Discount Code for additional savings if you are taking advantage of a special offer.

Renting a car from Independent Car Rental Agencies in NYC