Minivan Rental for Family Vacation to Florida

My husband and I were planning on traveling to Miami last year during the Christmas holidays. We have 4 kids, so you can imagine the airfare alone cost somewhere around $2500! So we decided to rent a minivan for the trip. When I searched the web-sites of the local car rental companies, the price for a 1 week rental was about $800 and included 800 miles. The average price I was getting was around $800 – $1000. I knew that we would be traveling almost 3000 miles, so paying for mileage wouldn’t work. I called one of the local rental agencies and spoke with a rental agent. I was initially told that their company doesn’t rent vehicles traveling out of the tri-state area. Just as I was about to disconnect, he asked to place me on hold and came back on the line with a package rate of $1500 that included 3000 miles. I learned a quick lesson that day, that in these harsh economic times, just about everything is negotiable. Had I just booked on the site and paid for mileage it would have been a lot more expensive. By the way, the trip was wonderful, the rental staff was knowledgeable and even threw in a GPS for about $40 for the entire trip.

GPS- What a lifesaver!

Living in NYC my entire life, I have never needed to buy a car.  I have always managed to get around by using public transportation and the occasional yellow cab.  Recently, my Aunt became ill and I needed to travel to Monticello in upstate New York.  I tried several car agencies in Manhattan, but none of them compared to AAMCAR Car Rental.  The rates were extremely reasonable and the service was impeccable.  Most importantly, they carry Garmin GPS  Navigation devices.  If you have never used a GPS to get around, you simply must start.  It essentially saved my trip.  I’m the type of person that gets lost finding the bathroom.  The GPS was so precise and easy to use that I couldn’t believe it.  Not to mention that AAMCAR only charges $6.00 per day.  These GPS devices go for well over $250 dollars at stores like Best Buy and Circuit City.  Just when I thought my whole trip would be one long, expensive headache, I was proven wrong.  There is no need for Tylenol tonight!

EZ pass transponder rental in NYC

I rented a car two days ago in New York City.  I was surprised when the agent offered me an EZ pass option.  Being from the mid-west, I was not familiar with the toll system in the east coast.  Apparently, one has to pay tolls on some bridges and highways for the “privilege” of using them.  I declined to use what the agent called the transponder thinking I would just pay cash.  Traveling to New Jersey for business, I had to pay cash on the turnpike.  The line for cash was about the same for EZ pass so I was happy with my decision of declining the option.



That is of course until I got to the George Washington Bridge to enter back into New York.  Wow, is all that I can say.  The cash lines were three times as long as the EZ pass lines.  After a long day of meetings, I was kicking myself for not spending the $1.50 for renting the EZ pass.  Trust me, if you are planning on traveling out of New York and coming BACK, take the option.

Currently, only AAMCAR car rental in NYC provides this benefit.  Getting a receipt for re-reimbursement is also a breeze.  Just log onto the Highway Tolls administration’s web-site and you can print a receipt directly from there.

Bargain Rates in The Winter at an Independent.

Now is the time to schedule your car rental trip. The independent companies are reducing their rates to adjust for the seasonal decrease in demand. So if at Hertz and Budget (two sites we checked today) you must pay close to $80.00 Base Price (before tax and any insurance) for a weekday in Manhattan for a small sub-compact car, you can get the same car for $39.95 a day with 100 free miles or $49.95 with free unlimited miles at many of the independent companies. CHECK RATES.


You would be surprised at the range of cars available from the independent companies. SUV’s as well as 15 Passenger Vans and a large choice of vehicles.

My experience with an independent car rental agency

This is a fax received from Shenni Bubb. 


We’d traveled a fair way, and now we were right in the heart of bustling Fort Lauderdale. Almost time to stretch the legs, refuel the car and change drivers. But first and foremost, I was going to choke the life out of Lola and Tahlia my two best friends. ‘Summer Holiday’ is an excellent song, yet my driving companions had killed my love for it hours ago. Lola certainly had a nice voice, and Thalia should not give up her day job, but her singing was tolerable. But, there’s definitely a limit to how many versions of one song you can tolerate. I’d hate to think what they both do for an encore!

The sun was strong and the skies were that typical aqua blue, with not a cloud to be seen. It was my turn to sing “New York.” This was what I’d be saving up for, for so long. A vacation to beautiful New York with my best friends. The fun we’d had along the way was awesome, the scenic views a treat indeed, and the panoramic mountain views were magnificent. Yet we were now in Fort Lauderdale, and this is where the trouble began. We’d no sooner refueled, grabbed a burger and coke, turned the car on and then realized we had trouble. Expensive trouble, the car kept holding back, it was the motor. Yes, Lola’s little Volkswagen had gone to Herbie Heaven.” It was expected eventually, but right now wasn’t a good time at all.

Fortunately Lola had been born and bred in Lauderdale, she knew where an excellent independent car rental establishment was. Tahlia and I couldn’t comprehend why Lola was laughing so hard, until we realized that we were right across the road from it! There it stood, ‘Quality Car and Van Rental.’
An independent, family owned business, which had been there for seven years. Not only family owned, but family operated as well. We had cash, but none of us had credit cards, would they rent a car to us? They sure would, and they also offered an airport shuttle service as well. But usually prior arrangements must be made.

We were all over the required age of twenty one, although we had wished they’d ask for proof of age. Well there’s no harm in hoping, when you’re fifty and a bit I guess! But they did want other identification of course. We had a wide range of cars to choose from and these were: Vans, luxury cars, Suvs, trucks, and a medley of economy rated vehicles as well. We chose a luxury car, well why not, for years we’d saved up for this holiday!

The service was second to none, fast and friendly. We also were given a rate which was excellent in comparison to what we later found the larger hire companies charged, such as Dollar, Hertz and Thrifty. In actual fact, Thrifty is not thrifty, unless you’re used to paying with gold nuggets and have the name of Rockefeller.

We were close to the Ft Lauderdale airport as well as Port Everglades. And having been told that the company also offers a shuttle bus service, both to and from there bought music to the ears. That’d certainly save on taxi fares from our motel.
They certainly are a company that goes out of their way to gain your business. They also offer transportation to Miami International and West Palm International Airports.
Our holiday was excellent, the rates we payed for the car rental saved us in excess of $150 in comparison to elsewhere. The service was excellent, and we also understood why the company rates a three star for customer service, and expertise, in the car rental business.

Personal Accident Insurance

This provides coverage to you and your passengers for medical/ambulance bills. This type of insurance, usually costs about $1 to $5 per day, but may be unnecessary if you are covered by health insurance or have adequate medical coverage under your auto policy. PAI protects you in the event of accidental death or bodily injury for the duration of the rental. This coverage provides medical, ambulance and death benefits for the renter and passengers of the rental car in the event of an accident.

Supplemental Liability Insurance

Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) is another type of coverage that you will encounter while renting a car. This provides liability protection for up to $1 million. Rental companies are required by law to provide the state required amount of liability insurance. For a fee of approximately $10 per day, the car rental company will supplement the liability insurance that the company must, by New York law, provide. If you are a renter who has minimal assets, the minimum coverage that car rental companies provides may be adequate to protect you from lawsuits by victims of accidents involving the rental car. If you have your own automobile insurance policy with coverage above the minimum amounts, your policy should cover you when you operate a rental vehicle, so SLI is likely not needed. However, since SLI usually provides $1 million of liability protection, considerably more coverage than most consumers have under their own automobile insurance policies, if there is a reason that you want more coverage for the rental than you ordinarily carry for your own car or you do not have an automobile insurance policy, buying the SLI may make sense.

Collision Insurance for Renting a Car

If you have been tagged this year to plan the upcoming family vacation, worrying about rental car coverage may be at the bottom of planning needs. However, a small mistake by not choosing the right kind of car insurance can end up costing thousands of dollars and ruin a vacation. To help you choose the right kind of car rental insurance, I will address the main type in this article.

Collision Insurance: The collision damage waiver (CDW) covers the cost of damages to the rental car if you are involved in an accident. This is also known as the Loss damage waiver (LDW). However, it is not insurance — it is simply a provision of your rental agreement that addresses your liability for damages to the car.

Auto Insurance Policy: If you have your own auto insurance policy, call your insurance agent before you rent a car. You don’t want to pay extra money for coverage you already have. Damages to the rental car are only covered under your policy’s comprehensive and collision coverage. Make sure your auto policy includes this type of coverage. Look at it this way, if you normally drive a 10 year old station wagon but you are renting a brand new Mustang for that snazzy office party, you want to make sure that your policy will cover the complete cost of replacing the newer car. Credit Card Coverage: When you are the primary renter, simply use your eligible card to reserve and pay for your auto rental. Decline the collision damage waiver (CDW) or similar option when you are reserving and picking up your car from the car rental company. The Car Rental Loss and Damage Insurance Plan usually provides coverage against theft of or damage to most rental vehicles. Coverage usually applies for the first 30 days. Speak with a customer service agent at your credit card company and verify all the details before you pick up the rental car.

You May Need Purchase the CDW Coverage: If your credit card or auto insurance covers you, you can decline the rental car company’s coverage. If you are not covered through any of the above, consider purchasing the collision damage waiver. It is wise to pay about $10 day than $15000 to replace a rental car.

If you choose to take the car rental company’s insurance, be prepared to have enough credit card coverage to cover the deductible as well as the rental fees. Deductible amounts typically range from $0 to $1000.Now that you know the benefit of collision insurance, you can make an educated decision next time you rent a car in New York.

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AAMCAR new car rental new york blog and recommendations will assist you when making car rental purchase decisions. Drivers of rental cars have to show drivers licenses and qualify for car insurance. Every state in the US has their own laws, statutes or criteria for driving licenses and car insurance. There are several different car rentals sizes and classes available:
Compact or Economy, Mid size, Ful size sedan, Sports cars, Minivans, 15 Passenger vans and 4 wheel drive vehicles.

Since gasoline prices are more expensive than ever, it is very important to rent a car that can safely fulfill your travel requirements.

AAMCAR car rental rents vehicles in increments of 4 hours, full day, week end specials, 3 and 4 day specials, month, six months, year, two and three year rentals.

There are 2 locations that rent vehicles: 315 West 96th St,NY, New York. and 506 West 181st St, NY, New York.

The majority of car rental locations are at airports. Some car rental companies offer reward programs offering discounts or bonus programs based on repeat car rental use. Ask your rental agent for details. Some credit cards offer rental car insurance discounts or coverage. It is important to verify your coverage before your rental.

Some hotel chains, airlines and web portals offer volume discounts for car rentals and they can be obtained on-site, through newspaper or broadcast or internet feeds. Many organizations offer membership rewards offering discounts for car rentals. They can be for company employees, volunteer organizations special interest groups, trade or industry associations, retirement or church clubs. AAMCAR offers discounts to members of AAA and/or AARP.

When shopping for car rentals always compare the prices on-site with print, broadcast and internet prices. Prices can differ online, in print or over the phone. Comparing prices will help you choose the best rate for your car rental.
My 2007, 10 day driving holiday from Manhatan to Lake Placid, Boston, Cape Cod, Nantucket, Martha Vineyard, Rhode Island, Thousand Islands, Kingston and back to Manhatan was with a car rental. I combined a special in-store walk-in 3 day weekend price with a special 7 day internet offer and saved about 45% off of the regular daily car rental rate.

stay tuned for more stories and ideas here on car rental new york BLOG!

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