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Bargain Rates in The Winter at an Independent.

Now is the time to schedule your car rental trip. The independent companies are reducing their ...


Great experience renting from an independent car rental

The summer is coming to a close soon and with it car rental prices at some, market sensitive, ...


Hidden gems in NYC!

It was our annual family reunion and this year’s destination was the wonderful NYC.  My wife and ...


Independent car rental agency

Even for a local, driving a familiar vehicle, the hustle and bustle of New York City streets can be ...


My experience with an independent car rental agency

This is a fax received from Shenni Bubb.  We’d traveled a fair way, and now we were right in ...


Support small business, rent from the locals!

Are you sick of waiting in long car rental lines?  Are you tired of being told that your car is ...


Renting a car from Independent Car Rental Agencies in NYC